Panera Bread of Anytown
At Panera Bread we believe that the Universal Spirit of Bread is Sharing®, and that’s why we’re committed to the communities we serve. Our passion for everything we do spills over to include everyone we share our days with, and we appreciate the opportunity to give back to our friends, neighbors and community.


Fundraising Night

Fundraisers at Panera are a great way to combine great food, fun, and a good cause! We have developed an easy way to help raise funds for your group. Forget door-to-door sales or scrubbing bumpers – this fundraising idea is much simpler – eat dinner. Request to host a fundraiser event for your group at your neighborhood bakery-café by logging on to:

Click here to download our informational brochure

SCRIP Fundraising

We are proud to participate in the Scrip fundraising program, helping non-profit organizations raise money. This popular fundraising program invites non-profit organizations to pre-purchase $5, $10 and $25 Panera Card® gift cards at a 9% discounted rate and then re-sell the Panera Cards at full price. For more information, please contact the Great Lakes Scrip Center by phone at (800) 727-4715, or visit their website at

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