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The Panera Bread® fundraising night is a fundraising program developed to raise money for local school groups, sports teams, PTO, PTA and charitable organizations by donating a portion of sales back to the organization during a designated time frame. It's a great way to combine great Panera food, fun and a good cause - your group! 
Fundraising Night

Fundraisers at Panera are a great way to combine great food, fun, and a good cause! We have developed an easy way to help raise funds for your group. Forget door-to-door sales or scrubbing bumpers – this fundraising idea is much simpler – eat dinner. Request to host a fundraiser event for your group at your neighborhood bakery-café by logging on to:

Tips for a Successful Fundraiser


Step 1: Please visit here to submit a form.

Step 2: Wait for further instructions. You will receive an email within 1 business day.

Step 3: After following instructions you will receive (Step 2) you will receive a confirmation email along with a customized Fundraising Day flyer and can begin promoting your event!

Step 4: Advertise! E-mail and hand out flyers to everyone you know.

Step 5: The organization will receive up to 20% of the net food and beverage sales when AT LEAST 50 of your fundraising flyers are presented to the cashiers on the specified day and time of the event. Enjoy the event at your favorite Panera Bread with family and friends while raising money for your organization. Your fundraiser check will arrive 4-6 weeks after the event.

Guests must present their fundraiser flyers when they place their orders to ensure that a percentage of their check are donated to your organization.

Use our online bakery-cafe locator to help you plan your fundraiser night.

Click here to download our informational brochure


1. Each donation to organization must present a Panera Bread flyer or email at time of purchase to receive credit.  The number of flyers received by Panera determines the donation rate. You must have AT LEAST 20 flyers to receive a check for a fundraiser. Fundraisers that do not meet the minimum number of flyers received will NOT receive a donation.

2.  Panera Bread can terminate all or any portion of the event for any reason without notice such as distributing flyers on the day of the fundraiser within the vicinity (entrance and parking lot) of bakery-café.

3. All forms including the fundraiser request form, completed agreement contract, and non-profit tax-exempt identification letter must be complete and on file before the fundraiser can be confirmed.

SCRIP Fundraising

We are proud to participate in the Scrip fundraising program, helping non-profit organizations raise money. This popular fundraising program invites non-profit organizations to pre-purchase $5, $10 and $25 Panera Card® gift cards at a 9% discounted rate and then re-sell the Panera Cards at full price. For more information, please contact the Great Lakes Scrip Center by phone at (800) 727-4715, or visit their website at

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